"On Wednesday I picked up [participating students] and they chatted the whole way home about all the things they had already learned, that they were amazed at the amount of improvement they were already seeing in their voices, how excited they were to come back the next day not to mention how much more confident they felt. Made me so happy for them. But you know what REALLY made me happy? Watching them every morning excited to see each other, waves, shouting greetings, holding doors and laughing before they got inside. Then the hugs as they leave each afternoon like they've been together for years not days. Not to mention not even 5 minutes out from camp and the group texting starts, all of them cracking jokes and having fun. you guys created a warm, safe, incredible learning environment that she spent all year hoping for in just the first day. That is real talent. You have my deepest appreciation for your time and talent and giving her this experience to carry with her, it means everything." 


Saleen Chenevert, West Linn High School Parent

"Oliver, Alishia, and Cindy are so welcoming and made me feel so welcomed. The intensive was such a positive and fun environment to learn more about vocal and stage performance. I learned so much and saw great improvement in myself and the fellow performers I was with. I had so much fun learning more about performing with such kind instructors and fellow young performers!" 


Hannah Galambos, Junior at C.S. Lewis Academy

"Oliver made me feel comfortable from the moment that we met. He has added specificity to my work, confidence in my delivery and has provided guidance as to what the industry standards are."

Danielle Dorfman, Brown University MFA Acting '20

"We have loved working with Alishia! She is enthusiastic, creative and encouraging with her students. From the very first practice, my daughter has learned new skills to improve her breathing, voice quality, range and music reading abilities. They have had fun picking music that matched my daughter’s style and abilities and Alishia worked closely with her to prepare her for confident performances. Alishia is a wonderful teacher with an incredible voice that inspires my daughter to truly be her best!"

Angela Stone, Parent

"Oliver was a huge help to me in exploring my song in a way I wouldn't have thought to have approached it. He was straightforward in his direction, but made me feel comfortable every step of the way. His attention to the minor details brought my performance to a new level that I couldn’t have done by myself. I recommend going to Oliver if you want to bring your performance to the next level."

Nik Sorocenski, New York City based Actor/Singer

"Voice lessons with Alishia Garcia have been an incredible experience for me. Not only has she helped me improved my vocal technique and artistry but she has also become a mentor. Her teaching is very consistent which allows me to work on a specific part of my voice and then maintain the improvements. At voice, I get to learn to do what I love and because Alishia is my instructor I also have fun doing it."

Miranda Wiler, Voice Student

"What I love about working with Oliver is he isn't afraid to tell me what is working and what isn't working. He wants to make sure your performance is captivating and connected, so he will challenge you to take your performance further than you thought possible, both vocally and storytelling wise. The tools he provides to get you there have been very beneficial to me!"

Tara Llewellyn, New York City based Actress/Singer

"Working with Alishia has been one of the best experiences. She provides training in a variety of areas to help develop my voice, while being supportive and giving me confidence. Since starting with Alishia, I feel my voice has grown exponentially and become much stronger, and I'm excited to see where I'm headed with her!"

Avery Hartje, Voice Student